QR Code Mix Wood
  • QR Code Mix Wood

QR Code Mix Wood

Technique: Print
Customization: Front Only
Size: 10cm*6cm

Our custom QR code supports offer an innovative solution for connecting the physical world to the digital one. With our tailored design and QR codes, you can easily provide access to information, promotions, or online resources through a simple scan. Enhance your communication and simplify access to your content with our high-quality QR code supports.

Technical Information:

Our quality is the result of precision and innovation. We use laser cutting technology to achieve impeccable details in our products, ensuring sharp lines and perfect contours. Our high-definition UV printer ensures vibrant colors that are resistant to UV rays, resulting in stunning outcomes. Rely on our cutting-edge technology for impeccable and long-lasting products.


Clean with a dry cloth periodically.

Production and Delivery Times:

Production: 2-3 working days.

Delivery via Courier.

Contact us at info@malifactory.it for more information.

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